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KoMo Medium Grain Mill

Fidibus Medium Grain Mill

  • Fidibus Medium Grain Mill
  • Fidibus Medium Grain Mill
  • Fidibus Medium Grain Mill

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Product Description

A great combination of two KoMo wheat grinders, the KoMo Medium is a powerful machine that has the fine qualities of both the Classic and Fidibus 21. The latest addition to the KoMo family of grain mills, the Medium features an industrial strength, 360-watt motor that powers 85mm diameter millstones – the same size as the Classic. This mill can grind even the toughest grains, producing up to 3.5 ounces of fine flour every minute. The solid beechwood hopper can hold 14-16 oz. of grain, enough to make 2 lbs. of fresh bread.

The housing is simple and compact like the Fidibus 21, only slightly lengthened to accommodate the larger motor, and the well-designed veneer cabinet of the Medium will be at home on the most stylish kitchen counter. The Medium is a smart and economical choice, representing the very best of both worlds – a high performance grain mill in a small package!

About KoMo Electric Grain Mills

Many know that milling their own flour is a healthier choice for them and their families, but wonder whether it’s worth the extra effort. With KoMo Electric Grain Mills, grinding your own grains is nearly as easy as using store-bought, pre-milled flour. Flip a switch, pour your grain in the top, and watch your freshly ground flour dispense through a spout straight into your measuring cup.

KoMo Electric Grain Mills transform barley, oats, millet, corn, rice, rye, spelt, and more into consistently uniform flour that is perfect for all your baking needs. Most importantly, they produce even the finest flour without overheating the grain. Maintaining a low temperature throughout the grinding process preserves the enzymes, oils, and vitamins that make freshly ground flour so appealing. While KoMo mills can be used for any dry grain or bean, they should never be used for oilseeds or wet materials.

All KoMo Electric Grain Mills have ceramic/corundum millstones and are powered by industrial strength electric motors. Compact and powerful, these motors are built to last, while the patented KoMo suspension works to stabilize the motor and reduce noise.

All KoMo Electric Grain Mills are simple to use with a continually adjustable grind setting. Just spin the hopper to move from coarse to fine – even while grinding.

Each KoMo grain mill is enclosed in a solid and durable housing. Made with beautiful wood from ecologically managed forests and sealed with organic vegetable oils, each mill is attractively designed to look sharp on your kitchen counter.

All KoMo Electric Grain Mills are backed by a 12-year limited warranty, but they’ve been built to last much, much longer. Each mill is individually tested to ensure exceptional craftsmanship, receiving the "Geprüfte Sicherheit" (German for tested reliability) seal of approval from TÜV product services – a certification designed for the German market but recognized worldwide.

Product Details

Dimensions 13"h x 6.1"w x 6.3"d (331h x 155w x 160d mm)
Milling Rate 3.5 oz (100 g) per minute
Electric Motor Size 360 W
Millstone Diameter 3.3 in (85 mm)
Hopper Capacity 1.9 lb (850 g)
Noise Level Approx. 70 db
Housing Material/ Finish Housing of beechwood multiplex, hopper and lid of solid beechwood
Maximum Height at Spout 5.5 in (140 mm)
Warranty 12-year limited warranty



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