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Whether you're a major media outlet, an influencer, or just your average Joe, we've made reaping your harvest a LOT easier.

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A No-Brainer Deal for Them

Your followers get a complimentary 3, 5, or 7 night stay in a luxury destination resort, starting with orders just $99. Learn more

A Big-Time Commission for You

You get a whopping 25% commission, with a full 365-day cookie lifespan.  Plus, we’ll throw in a free vacation for you when you refer your first order.

Media Kit

Let's make this easy on you.

Social Media

Sharing on social media is one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting your affiliate link humming. Here are a few resources to help you craft your post:

  • Sample Script

    We recommend putting the post in your own words, but here's a sample script that covers the key points you'll want to hit (just remember to replace the link with your affiliate link):

    Our friends over at have pulled out all the stops! Seriously, this is one offer you NEED to check out. They sell gorgeous canvas wall art, but here's their deal: They're giving away a 3, 5, or 7 night stay a luxury destination resort starting with orders just $99. Let's do the math on this one: You spend $99, get a beautiful canvas for your wall, and ALSO get a 3 night stay worth $585 in a luxury resort. Yeah, this one's a total no-brainer. The hardest part is picking which canvas to order, because seriously, I kind of want them all!  Go check it out!
  • Our Promo Video

    Our promo video was created to be fun, catchy, and to quickly get the message across. Please note although the YouTube version of this video displays a link at the end, the downloadable versions do not, so you can make sure your followers use your affiliate link instead.

  • Your Own Video
    If making videos of yourself is your thing, we'll hook you up with a canvas either free or super-duper cheap so you can show it off in your video.  Shoot us a line at, include a link to your blog, profile, or channel and we'll get you hooked up.
  • Product Images
    Go find a product on our site that you LOVE, download a product image, and post it! If you love it, chances are your followers will too! Here are a few of our favorites.
  • Promo Image


Banner Ads

We've got banner ads in all the most popular sizes.  The listed dimensions are recommended, but our banners are responsive and will adjust to fill the available space.

  • Billboard - 970 x 250

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  • Large Leaderboard - 970 x 90

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  • LEADERBOARD - 728 x 90

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  • HALF-PAGE - 300 x 600

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  • Portrait - 300 x 1050

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  • Vertical Banner - 120 x 240

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  • Wide Skyscraper - 160 x 600

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  • MOBILE - 320 x 100

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  • Square - 250 x 250

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  • LARGE RECTANGLE - 336 x 280

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  • MEDIUM RECTANGLE - 300 x 250

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  • Small Rectangle - 180 x 150

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