Get a Free Resort Stay

5 Nights in Cancún at a Stunning 4-Star Beachfront Resort

SAVE BIG and STAY SAFE During Covid-19


No one wants to miss out a a deal like this, but we totally get that some customers aren't ready to travel yet. So when you place an order today, we can now hold your travel voucher as long as needed until YOU feel ready to travel. And once you do request and activate your voucher, you'll still have another 24 months to use it. Travel vouchers are still first-come, first-served and going fast, so make sure you claim yours today!


Our partner resort in Cancún is OPEN and accepting guests with thorough sanitation procedures in place. They've been recognized by the World Travel & Tourism Council with the Safe Travels stamp of approval. This international organization awards their stamp to resorts that meet and exceed the WHO and CDC health and safety recommendations. Plus, air travel to Mexico is open with no Covid test required.

This is the Real Deal

Buckle up and get ready, because we’re about to answer all your questions (like, "How is this even possible?") and send you on one AMAZING 5-Night Cancún Vacation for a fraction of what you’d pay otherwise.

What exactly is the offer?

Order a wall art canvas of $119 or more, and we'll give you a voucher for a free 5-night night resort stay at a luxury 4-star resort in Cancún. Since this resort stays is valued at $1,280, you’re going to save a TON. Read on for details.

How is this even possible?

Great question! What makes this offer possible is our relationship with the promo booking agency Redeem Vacations. They partner with resorts to help fill rooms that would have otherwise sat empty, then sell those rooms to us at a huge, bulk discount. The catch? We’re not allowed the re-sell the room vouchers (that would undercut the business model of their partner resorts). We’re only allowed to give them away as a "perk" when someone orders our wall art.

Can I trust Redeem Vacations?

Yes! They're rated 4½ Stars on TrustPilot and to date have delivered well over 500,000 promotional vacations. Here's a short video of others sharing their experience with Redeem Vacations:

What’s NOT covered by the voucher?

We’re SOOOOOO glad you asked. It’s really important to us that you know exactly what to expect, so there aren’t any surprises later. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The vacation voucher DOES cover your resort stay, but not your flights or food.
  • The voucher also doesn’t cover the room's taxes & fees of $17.94/night, which you'll need to pay to activate the voucher.
  • Finally, please note that the resort also charges a resort fee of around $15 upon check-in to cover amenities like WiFi, poolside services, etc.

Will we have to attend a timeshare presentation?

Absolutely not! There are plenty of vacation "offers" that require you to sit through a high-pressure sales pitch. This isn't one of them.

How long do we have to take our vacation?

We completely understand that some people aren't ready to travel in light of the current world situation. So when you place your order today, we can hold your voucher until you feel ready to travel. Once you request your voucher and activate it with Redeem Vacations, you'll then have 24 months to travel. Keep in mind that you do have to book at least 30 days in advance.

Are there blackout dates?

Because Redeem Vacations works with resorts to fill rooms that would have sat empty, there may be limited or no availability during major holidays or special events. So we recommend this offer ONLY if you're willing and able to be flexible with your travel dates. There will be plenty of dates to choose from, but we're unable to guarantee specific dates will be available.

Are there any restrictions?

Just two! At least one traveler needs to be 21+ and have a major credit or debit card.

Where will we stay?

In Cancún, Redeem Vacations is currently working with a gorgeous beachfront resort that's hands-down one of the best we've ever seen.

Situated on a sprawling 1,000+ acre beachfront property, this resort's got it's own golf course, a Cirque du Soleil show, multiple gourmet restaurants, stunning walking trails, and endless pristine pools.

To ensure this special deal doesn't undercut the the resort's regular bookings, we aren't allowed to publish the resort name here (you will see it before you book), but here are a few pics. This place is spectacular!

Are we able to bring children?

Yes! The voucher is good for up to two adults and two kids age 12 & under. If you need to travel with more, you can book additional rooms directly with the resort.

How long will this offer last?

Until we run out of vouchers! We’ve had a ton of interest and they’re going fast. If you don’t want to miss out, you may want to jump on this quick.

I’m worried you’ll run out of vouchers. Can you hold a voucher for us while we pick out our wall art?

Vouchers are first-come, first-served. But a lot of people have asked, so instead of requiring you to pick out your wall art now, we're issuing a $119 gift card when you purchase this offer. You can then use the gift card to pick out your wall art at your convenience. Feel free to preview our wall art catalog.

How much wall art can I get with the $119 Gift Card?

The $119 gift card will get you exactly a 24" x 36" wall canvas. But you're free to mix and match smaller sizes, or upgrade to a larger size or a custom print of your own image. And by the way, all our wall art is printed on artist-grade canvas using vivid, archival-quality inks. We then add a 1.25" internal frame and finish it off with ready-to-hang hardware, a dust-cover backing, and a bit of love. ❤️ It's gonna look amazing on your wall.

How do I know this isn’t a scam?

It’s a fair question. And we honestly get asked that a lot. It seems that’s what happens when you put together a really great offer. The best assurance we can give is to teach you exactly what to do if someone ever really does scam you: Log into your bank, find the fraudulent transaction, and click “Dispute Transaction”. It takes about 60 seconds, and most banks will even refund your money while they research the claim. When the scammer can’t prove they delivered what they promised, the refund becomes permanent. And if enough people start complaining, the scammer goes to jail. No, we’re not scammers. You’ll get your wall art AND your vacation voucher. You have our word. :-)

Can I buy two gift cards and get two vouchers?

Redeem Vacations only allows one Cancún voucher to be redeemed per household. You may, however, place additional orders to gift to friends or family.

What if I still have questions?

Here's a quick video from Redeem Vacations that explains a bit more about how the vacations vouchers work. If you still have questions after that, just shoot us an email (hello@orb.co, available anytime), fire up a web chat (available Mon-Sat, 8am-10pm MT), or give us a call (888-537-9013, available Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm MT). We’re here to help!

How do I get my free resort stay?

Use the orange button below to add the $119 Gift Card + Free 5-Night Cancun Voucher to your cart. You'll be taken directly to checkout. Your $119 Gift Card and your 5-Night Cancún Voucher will both be emailed to you immediately after completing your order.

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