In response to Coronavirus, we've made the following adjustments:


We've temporarily dropped the minimum order to receive a travel voucher from $199 to $119. That's a 40% savings for a limited time only!


Now get up to 24 months to travel. Need longer? We can also re-issue unactivated vouchers for up to 12 months.

How's This Even Possible?

It's surprisingly simple.

We help resorts fill rooms that would’ve otherwise sat empty. The resorts love it because they know many of these guests will visit the restaurant, bar, spa, etc., or maybe even stay extra days.

The Catch?

We're not allowed to sell the travel vouchers directly, as that would undercut the resorts' regular business model. We can only give them away as a perk to our customers.

So the resorts fill rooms, we sell wall art, and you get the deal-of-a-lifetime on your next vacation, making this a WIN-WIN-WIN for all. 

What Do I Need to Know?

Your travel voucher covers your resort stay, but not airfare, food, or the resort taxes & fees.

And since the offer is made possible by helping resorts fill rooms that would've sat empty, you'll need to be flexible with your travel dates. There will be plenty of dates to choose from, but we're unable to guarantee specific dates will be available.

Still Got Questions?

We're here to help!


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