WE ❤️ OUR CUSTOMERS! So we're throwing in a little suprise for the next few days. Why? 'Cause we think our customers are the most awesome people in the entire world! That's why.

What is the Surprise?

It's a $500 Hotel Savings Card. Read on for details!

What is a Hotel Savings Card? It's like a gift card for booking hotel stays, EXCEPT that it can only cover a certain percentage of the stay. The exact savings varies by resort, but the card can usually cover around 10-30% of the cost of booking a room.


How is this different from the travel voucher? Because the travel voucher is made possible by helping resorts fill rooms that would've otherwise sat empty, it's important that you're able to be flexible when selecting your travel dates (But you'll usually save you somewhere in the range of $750 to $1,250 on a 7-night stay. Wow!). The Hotel Savings Card doesn't save as much as the voucher, but it has complete flexiblility when choosing your dates and destination. In fact, it has no blackout dates and over 1 million hotels & resorts worldwide to choose from. It's the perfect complement to the voucher for those times when you can't be flexible.


Can I use it on the same trip as the voucher? Yep, absolutey! We've had TONS of customers use it to book extra days in either the same or a different resort on the same trip.


Can I use it to pay the taxes & fees on the voucher? No, unfortunately. The Hotel Savings Card is from a totally different company, so the two don't work together. That would have been awesome though. 😉


Can it be used towards anything else? Yes! You can also use it for savings on rental cars or activities (although the rental car savings usually tend to be smaller, around 5%).


How long do I have to use it? You'll need to activate it soon by creating a free account, but then the balance never expires. Whether you use the $500 all at once, or a little here and a little there, it'll eventually save you a full $500.

Can You Show Us How the Hotel Savings Card Works?

Yep! Check out our video walthrough below: