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3, 4, or 5 nights. No timeshare presentations. You only pay the resort taxes & fees.

SAVE BIG and STAY SAFE During Covid-19


No one wants to miss out a a deal like this, but we totally get that some customers aren't ready to travel yet. So when you place an order today, we can now hold your travel voucher as long as needed until YOU feel ready to travel. And once you do request and activate your voucher, you'll have another 24 months to use it. Travel vouchers are still first-come, first-served and going fast, so make sure you claim yours today!


Many destinations are open and accepting guests. Hawaii is currently accepting guests with their pre-flight Covid testing program. Mexico is open with no Covid test required. Our partner resorts in Mexico (as well as many resorts in other destinations) have been recognized by the World Travel & Tourism Council with the Safe Travels stamp of approval. This international organization awards their stamp to resorts that meet and exceed the WHO and CDC health and safety recommendations.

Is This Legit?

Just ask the 1,000+ people who’ve already done it.

How Does It Work?

You’re 3 easy steps from getting the deal-of-a-lifetime on your next vacation.


Place Your Order Today

Your order includes a $119 Gift Card, which you can use to pick out your wall art at your convenience, and your Travel Voucher, redeemable for a resort stay in the destination of your choice!


Request Your Voucher

Whenever you're ready, request your voucher using the unique link in your post-purchase email. Choose from Hawaii, Cancún, Fiji, Las Vegas, Orlando, and more!


Activate & Book!

Activate your voucher with our travel partner, Redeem Vacations, by paying the taxes & fees as listed below. You’ll then have 24 months select your dates & travel!

What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • There are no timeshare presentations as part of this offer. Yay!
  • At least one traveler must be 21+ and have a major credit/debit card, and you must select a destination 100+ miles away from your home.
  • Bookings must be made 30+ days in advance.
  • Your voucher covers your resort stay, but not airfare, food, or the resort taxes & fees. Exact taxes & fees for each destination are listed below.
  • Vouchers are designed for couples, but you may bring up to 2 kids age 12 & under. The destinations with the best accommodations for traveling with kids are Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Las Vegas, and Orlando. In other destinations available dates & resorts may be more limited when traveling with children.
  • Finally, since this offer’s made possible by helping resorts fill rooms that would’ve sat empty, some dates may not be available to book. There will be plenty of dates to choose from, but we're unable to guarantee specific dates will be available.

What Destinations Can I Choose From?

Here they are! We've also included the nightly taxes so you'll know exactly what to expect. Keep in mind that some resorts may also charge a resort fee upon check-in to cover amenities like WiFi, fitness center access, poolside services, etc.

3 Nights Destinations
  • Las Vegas ($28.12/night taxes)
  • San Diego ($34.14/night taxes)
  • Toronto ($29.68/night taxes)
  • Gatlinburg ($32.12/night taxes)
  • New Orleans ($33.45/night taxes)
  • Myrtle Beach ($33.27/night taxes)
  • Orlando ($33.12/night taxes)
  • Miami ($33.45/night taxes)
4 Night Destinations
  • Paris ($34.14/night taxes)
  • Athens ($33.11/night taxes)
  • Venice ($28.39/night taxes)
  • Rome ($31.25/night taxes)
  • Rio ($33.11/night taxes)
  • Fiji ($28.12/night taxes)
5 Night Destinations
    • Hawaii ($63.47/night taxes)
    • Cancún ($17.94/night taxes)
    • Puerto Vallarta ($17.94/night taxes)

How’s This Even Possible?

It’s quite simple, actually. We help resorts fill rooms that would’ve otherwise sat empty. The resorts love it because they know many of these guests will visit the restaurant, bar, spa, etc., or maybe even stay extra days.


The Catch?

We’re not allowed to sell the travel vouchers directly, as that would undercut the resorts’ regular business model. We can only give them away as a perk to our customers.

So the resorts fill rooms, we sell wall art, and you get the deal-of-a-lifetime on your next vacation, making this a WIN-WIN-WIN for all.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We ❤️ our customers. That’s why we offer super-friendly customer service and a 60-Day, Money-Back, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let us know. We’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.


*If you already ordered your wall art, you’ll just pay return shipping. Also, please note that while our Money-Back Guarantee covers your order with us in full, it doesn’t cover the resort taxes & fees you pay to Redeem Vacations.


Get a Bonus $500 Hotel Savings Card When You Snag This Offer Today!

We're pulling out all the stops this Black Friday, and we're starting early!

Here's what you need to know: This bonus offer ends when the timer expires OR when the Hotel Savings Cards run out, whichever comes first. (Here's a hint: these cards won't last until Black Friday... not even close. So if you're seeing this, count yourself one of the luckies who saw it before it's gone!)

What is the Hotel Savings Card? It's similar to a gift card for booking hotel stays EXCEPT that it can only cover a portion of the stay (usually 10-50% off the rack rate, depending on the hotel). It's good for over 1 million hotels, resorts, rental cars, or activities worldwide, with no blackout dates and no expiration date. So whether use it to add extra days to your vacay, or save it for that last-minute excursion, it's sooner or later gonna save you a full $500 in travel expenses, making this one deal you don't want to miss!

How do I get one? Just place an order while the bonus offer is still active on this page, and your Hotel Savings Card will be instantly issued to your inbox.


How Do I Get My Travel Voucher?

Just tap or click below! Your $119 Gift Card and Free Vacation Voucher will be added to your cart and you'll be taken straight to checkout. Once you complete your order, your voucher will immediately be held in your name, and you'll receive and email a unique link to select your destination and request your voucher. You can request your voucher right away, or save it for whenever you're ready. Either way, you've got one amazing vacation to look forward to!

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