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  • “How Can I Know This Isn’t a Scam?”

    Honestly, we get asked this a lot—and we understand the skepticism.

    The best assurance we can give is to teach you exactly what to do if someone ever really does scam you:

    vLog into your bank, find the fraudulent transaction, and click “Dispute Transaction.” It takes about 60 seconds and most banks will even refund your money while they research the claim. When the scammer can’t prove they delivered what they promised, the refund becomes permanent.

    For each ‘Chargeback’, the scammer pays a fee between $20-50. But once enough people make reports, they’re labeled “high risk” by payment processors and the fee becomes much higher.

    If more people complain, the scammer is placed on the ‘MATCH list’—and loses the ability to accept credit card payments for a minimum of five years.

    And if more people complain, the scammer goes to prison.

    Rest assured, this is not a scam. You’re 100% protected by your bank, by our 100% no-risk guarantee—and, by our desire to stay out of prison, and to continue running an honest business to support our families.

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  • “What Are the Nightly Taxes for Each Destination?”

    5 Night Destinations (Taxes Per Night)

    • Hawaii ($63.47) [Note that Hawaii tends to fill up fast, so we recommend booking at least 90 days in advance.]
    • Cancún ($23.70)
    • Puerto Vallarta ($19.70)
    • Mazatlán ($19.70)

    4 Night Destinations (Taxes Per Night)

    • Paris ($19.70)
    • Athens ($19.70)
    • Venice ($22.39)
    • Rome ($21.25)
    • Rio ($19.70)
    • Fiji ($19.70)

    3 Night Destinations (Taxes Per Night)

    • Las Vegas ($26.12)
    • San Diego ($23.26)
    • Phoenix ($19.70)
    • San Antonio ($19.82)
    • Chicago ($28.37)
    • Toronto ($22.68)
    • Gatlinburg ($19.74)
    • Branson ($19.31)
    • New Orleans ($20.15)
    • Atlantic City ($19.70)
    • Myrtle Beach ($22.70)
    • Atlanta ($19.67)
    • Daytona Beach ($23.65)
    • Orlando ($20.39)
    • Miami ($29.07)

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  • Photo Walkthrough: 6 Simple Steps to Your Free Resort Stay

    Step 1: Place your order, by choosing Option 1 or 2 above.

    Step 2: You’ll instantly receive an email with this subject line: “Your Vacation Voucher” (if you don't find the email within a few minutes, please check your spam folder):

    Step 3: Once you’ve chosen your vacation destination—and you’re ready to activate your voucher by paying the room's taxes, simply reply to that email with your preferred destination.

    Step 4: Within 1 business day, we'll issue your voucher and you’ll receive an email with the subject line: “Your Complimentary [Hawaii] Vacation” (In place of [Hawaii], it’ll show your chosen destination.) Inside that email, click the link that says “Click here to activate your vacation.”

    Step 5: Activate your Vacation Voucher by paying the room's taxes. (Note that Redeem Vacations gives you 7 days to activate your Voucher, but if you need extra time, we can hold your Voucher for up to 6 months before issuing it.)

    Step 6: Once activated, Redeem Vacations will send you a password to log in book your vacation! You can book your vacation whenever you're ready to choose dates. Just remember that you must book 30 days in advance and you have 18 months to take your vacation. Enjoy!

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    • “If I’m Not 100% Satisfied, How Do I Use the 60-Day, No-Risk Guarantee?”

      Within 60 days of your order, if you aren’t absolutely thrilled with your Free Resort Voucher (or your Wall Art)—you can request a full refund in less than 3 minutes. For any reason whatsoever. No questions. No hassles.

      How? Simply start up a chat or shoot us an email. We’ll refund every penny you paid, promptly and courteously.

      (Note: If you already ordered your Wall Art, you’ll just pay return shipping.)

      Please note: After you pay taxes to activate your Voucher, Redeem Vacations does not refund those fees except on a case-by-case basis. 

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    • Can I buy two canvases or gift cards and get two vacations?

      Yes, you can! The caveat is that Redeem Vacations only allows you to take one vacation per household per 12 month period. Since they give you 18 months to take your vacation, you'd need to take your first vacation early so you can fit the second one in within the 18 month window. That said, we can hold your 2nd voucher for a few months, which would extend your travel window. The other thing to know is that you can't use the same destination twice, so plan on picking two amazing places to visit.

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    • “How Soon Will My Wall Art Arrive?”

      Most orders print and ship within 5-7 business days, and shipping takes 2-3 business days on average. So you can expect your order to arrive within 7-10 business days.

      As soon as your Wall Art ships, we’ll send you a tracking number immediately—so you’ll be informed every step of the way.

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    • “Is My Personal Information Secure?”

      Yes. Your personal information is encrypted with an SSL certificate, so it’s completely private and secure—with full PCI compliance. That means your credit card information is never stored on our servers.

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    • If we choose Hawaii, which Island would we stay on?

      Redeem Vacations partners with many different resorts in Hawaii, and you'll get to pick which resort you'd like. The available resorts do vary by date, so we can't guarantee a specific island will be available, but you should have at least several islands to choose from.

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    • “What if I still have questions?”

      Here's a quick video from Redeem Vacations that explains a bit more about just how the vacations Vouchers work. If you still have questions after that, just fire up a chat or shoot us an email. We’re here to help!

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