Nothing is more important than your safety. So we're extending the time allowed to select your destination as long as necesarry to ensure safe travel.

If you do decide to travel now, please check travel restrictions in your destination before requesting your voucher. The current status for Hawaii, our most popular destination, can be found here.

Finally, please note that bookings made with the travel vouchers are usually considered non-alterable/non-refundable. In the event travel plans are interrupted due to COVID-19, Redeem Vacations can request the resort or hotel for a cancellation. If the hotel grants the request, Redeem Vacations will re-credit your trip so you can re-book at a later time. In cases where the hotels are closed, such requests have always been granted. But in other cases (like illness of traveling parties, border closures, etc.) such requests may not always be granted. Please note that ultimately it's up to the hotel, and we aren't able to guarantee that your trip will be re-credited. In such cases, we will gladly re-issue a new travel voucher to you at no cost, but you would be responsible for again paying the resort taxes & fees on the new voucher. Please use care when deciding whether to redeem your voucher now or save it for later.

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We want to make sure you have a fantastic time on your vacation. So we've put together this FAQ to help you select the very best destination for you.

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