Which Program to Choose?

You have the choice of either using an Odenza voucher right now, or waiting to use your voucher on our own program once it launches. We'll highlight below the detailed differences in the two programs to help you choose.

How are the two programs the same?

The Odenza program and our upcoming program have many more similarities that differences. For instance, both will have fantastic resorts to choose from that would normally book at around $150-$250/night before taxes & fees., Both are 7-nights. Neither will require you attend a timeshare presentation. And it's still important on both programs that you can be flexible when selecting your travel dates. But there are a few differences you'll want to be aware of.

What's Different?

For starters, Odenza's certificates do have an expiration date, which will be approximately 30 months from the date you request the voucher. You'll need to complete your trip by that date, which means you'll have to register your voucher with them a minimum of 60 days before the expiration date, but sooner is even better. Our own certificates won't have an expiration date.


To register your Odenza voucher, you will need to pay a $100 deposit, which will be applied towards the taxes & fees of $40/night when you finalize your booking. It's also fully-refundable should you decide at any time not to book. On our own program, there won't need to pay a deposit upfront. However, the taxes & fees on our program will be a little higher (probably around $49/night).


On Odenza's program, you will need a major credit card, as they don't accept debit cards. You can use either a credit or debit card to book our program.


Finally, Odenza only allows you to redeem one voucher with them every 24 months. And the don't allow group travel (ie, using multiple vouchers to book multiple rooms for a group of people traveling together. We plan to get rid of both of those restrictions, unless otherwise required by our parters.


You can view a sample Odenza voucher here.

To Wait For the Orb.co Program, What Do I Need To Do?

If you'd like to wait for our own upcoming program, you don't need to do anything right now. The code we emailed to you will automatically become usable on our new voucher program once it launches. If you haven't switched to Odenza's program by the time we launch, we'll email you to let you know that the new program is available.

To Use Odenza's Program, What Do I Do ?

First, you'll need the voucher code that was emailed to you. Search your email for "Your Travel Voucher" and it should be one fo the first results. The email will contain a code like this:

If for any reason you can't find your code, email us at hello@orb.co and we'll look it up for you.


Once you have your voucher code, click the orange button at the bottom of this page, enter your code in the discount code box (which will make your Odenza Voucher free), and checkout. The Odenza Voucher will be emailed to you right away.


If you've chosen to get an Odenza voucher, use the button below:

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