Ready to Redeem Your Voucher?

We've got some big news....

We’re deeply committed to providing our customers with an incredible experience and phenomenal value from from start to finish. In the beginning, our customers had had a fantastic experience with the voucher program through Redeem Vacations. But we wanted to build something even better. Something with less restrictions and greater flexibility. So we started creating our own in-house voucher program with less rules, phenomenal customer support, and fantastic resorts.

Unfortunately, in spring of 2021 we also started hearing from our customers that the experience they were having with Redeem Vacations had gone downhill. In some destinations, they were only offering 2-star hotels (yikes!). And in others they had barely any travel dates to choose from, making it nearly impossible to book a trip. So we stopped issuing their vouchers and started building our own program. As long as you haven't yet activated your voucher with Redeem Vacations, your voucher is automatically eligible for our new program, which we're happy to announce is now in Beta and can be used to accept bookings!

And if you have any questions, please do let us know!