Ready to Redeem Your Voucher?

We've got some big news....

We’re deeply committed to providing our customers with an incredible experience and phenomenal value from from start to finish. Historically, our customers have had a fantastic experience with the voucher program through Redeem Vacations. But for a while now we’ve wanted to build something even better. Something with less restrictions and greater flexibility. So we started creating our own in-house voucher program based on phenomenal customer support and direct relationships with fantastic resorts & hotels.

Unfortunately, we also started hearing from our customers that the experience they're having with Redeem Vacations has gone downhill. In some destinations, they're only offering 2-star hotels (yikes!). The incredible 4-star resorts they used to offer in Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are gone and replaced with pretty lousy alternatives. And date availability has gone from tons of open weeks to very few (for example, at one point in Hawaii they only had 2 open weeks in the next 12 months... ugh!). That's not the experience we want for our customers. So we've made the difficult decision to stop issuing vouchers for the Redeem Vacations program while we finish building our own program. We hope to have the program ready in the next 4-8 weeks, and we promise it will be worth the wait.

Our upcoming program will improve on the old program in nearly every way. Although everything's subject to change while we work to bring on partner hotels & resorts, here's a quick preview of what we envision for our upcoming voucher program:

Most importantly, we intend to fill our new program with resorts you'll get excited about. Our plan is to start with Hawaii at launch (we're trying to get resorts on all four major islands), then add Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, followed by the mainland U.S destinations, and finally we'll add the remaining international destinations as they re-open to tourists.

Finally, we know it might be a bummer to hear that you'll have to wait to use your travel voucher. But can we make it up to you? Shoot us an email at hello@orb.co with the subject, "Complimentary Voucher" and we'll issue you an extra voucher, on us. Just as a "Thank you!" for your patience while we finish putting together an incredible new program for you. 😀

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