Covid-19 Updates

Nothing is more important than your safety. So we're extending the time allowed to select your destination as long as needed to ensure safe travel.

If you do decide to travel now, please check travel restrictions in your destination before requesting your voucher. The current status for Hawaii, our most popular destination, can be found here: www.hawaiitourismauthority.org/covid-19-updates. The CDC is currently recommending you wait to travel to to Mexico due to high levels of Covid-19 there.

For travel to any country outside the United States, including Mexico, you will be required to show a negative Covid-19 test OR documentation of recovery from Covid-19 before returning.

Bookings made with the travel vouchers are considered non-alterable/non-refundable. In the event travel plans are interrupted for COVID-19-related reasons, Redeem Vacations has usually been willing to request a cancellation from the resort/hotel so they can re-credit your trip. But please note that neither we nor Redeem Vacations can guarantee that such requests will be granted, except in cases where the hotel is closed.

If for any reason you're unable to make your trip, we'll gladly re-issue a new travel voucher to you at no cost. You would, however, be responsible for covering the resort taxes & fees on the new voucher. Please use care when deciding whether to redeem your voucher now or save it for later.

A Quick Review

The following was on the landing page before you placed your order, but we just want to make sure you didn't miss anything important.

  • Since this offer is made possible by helping resorts fill rooms that would have sat empty, some dates won't be available to book. There will be plenty of dates to choose from, but we're unable to guarantee specific dates will be available. Redeem Vacations gives you 2 years to travel, so if you have specific dates in mind you're certainly welcome to try for them, but please be prepared to save your voucher for another trip if your desired dates aren't available.
  • There are no timeshare presentations as part of this offer. Yay!
  • At least one traveler must be 21+ and have a major credit/debit card, and you must select a destination 100+ miles away from your home.
  • Once you activate your voucher by paying the resort taxes & fees, you'll have 24 months to travel.
  • Bookings must be made 30+ days in advance.
  • Your voucher covers your resort stay, but not airfare, food, or the resort taxes & fees. Exact taxes & fees for each destination are listed below. Keep in mind that some resorts may also charge a resort fee upon check-in to cover amenities like WiFi, fitness center access, poolside services, etc.
  • Vouchers are designed for couples, but you may bring up to 2 kids age 12 & under. See the FAQ below for the best destinations for traveling with kids.

Is There a Particular Destination You Recommend?

Actually, YES! Regardless of where you stay, every resort or hotel that Redeem Vacations uses is 3 or 4 stars with a 4 or a 5 rating on TripAdivsor, so you can plan on staying somewhere great. But if you want to stay somewhere AMAZING, we strongly recommend you go with Cancún or Puerto Vallarta.

Redeem Vacations has a special relationship with the Vidanta Mayan Palace resorts in those destinations that allows them to offer beautiful resorts with tons of date availability, including weekends. Plus, Cancún and Puerto Vallarta have the lowest taxes & fees of any destinatinon.

The resort in Cancún, by the way, is hand-down the best we've seen. It's a stunning beachfront resort situated on a sprawling 1,000+ acre property with its own golf course, a Cirque du Soleil show, multiple gourmet restaurants, stunning walking trails, and endless pristine pools.

PLEASE NOTE: Available resorts are subject to change at any time. Although we don't anticipate any changes in Redeem Vacation's relationship with the Vidanta Resorts in Cancún and Puerto Vallarta, we're unable to guarantee these resorts will always be offered.

The Vidanta Mayan Palace Resort in Cancún

Other FAQs Before Picking Your Destination


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