Vouchers Available to Use NOW Through Odenza Travel

We know you're eager to travel. We're still working hard to build our new travel program, but it's admittedly taking much longer than we'd hoped. So until the new program launches, we're partnering with Odenza Travel to offer vouchers through their program that can be used right away.

Who is Odenza?

When our former partner's voucher program went downhill, we were extremely hesitant to bring on a new 3rd-party partner. We care deeply that our customers have a positive experience from start to finish, which was a key factor in deciding to build our own program. But after thoroughly vetting Odenza, we're convinced they're a partner we can trust to take care of our customers. They've been in business for 20 years, and have an A+ rating on the BBB. We're thrilled to offer their vouchers while we finish building out our own program.

How Does their Program Work?

First, their vouchers are actually for 7 nights instead of 5 nights. Wohoo! Normally there would be an upgrade fee since these are for two extra nights, but all things considered, we're making these upgraded vouchers available free of charge.


Here's how Odenza's program works: Once you receive your Odenza Certificate, you'll have two years to complete your travel. Just like with our old program and our upcoming program, you'll still need to cover the taxes & fees. On our old program, they required you to pay the taxes & fees upfront, before you could see available dates & resorts, and those taxes & fees were non-refundable. With Odenza, they only require a $100 deposit to register your certificate, and the deposit is fully refundable at any time.


The taxes & fees with Odenza are $40/night × 7 nights and don't have to be paid until you actually book. The $100 deposit will be applied towards the taxes & fees. (Please note: On Odenza's program, they call the taxes & fees a "booking fee," so don't let that confuse you.) Unlike the old program, most of their resorts don't charge a resort fee, but a few may. Prior to booking, Odenza will let you know if there are any charges to expect upon check-in.


You can, if you wish, stay for less than the 7 days, but please note that with Odenza you'll still have to pay the full $280 booking fee regardless of how long you stay. They often have options for upgraded resorts with fewer days (usually 3 or 5 days) for the same $280 fee.


Just like our old and upcoming programs, you aren't required to attend a timeshare presentation. However, it's still important that you can be flexible with your travel dates. We can't guarantee that specific dates will be available. If you need specific dates, please plan to use the Hotel Savings Card as a backup plan if your desired dates aren't available.


Odenza's vouchers are good for up to two adults and two kids age 11 and under. They can usually accommodate older or additional children with a room upgrade. You'll also need to have a major credit card, as Odenza doesn't accept debit cards. Also, please be aware that they don't allow group travel. Finally, they only allow one voucher per household per 24 month period. So if you have multiple vouchers, you're eligible to use one with Odenza's program, and any others can be used on our program once it launches. You can view a sample Odenza voucher here.

Where Can I Travel on Their Program?

Odenza has nearly 3,000 incredible resort options across the mainland U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Europe. The resorts they offer are typically 3.5 stars or higher.


Please note that many of the resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean do have a mandatory all-inclusive upgrade. Sometimes those upgrade fees (which are set by the resort itself) can be a little pricey, but if you call Odenza they can usually help you find an option that's reasonable. And there are usually a few options that don't require an upgrade as well.


Odenza is a full-service travel agency, so you can even speak to a real travel agent to get recommendations regarding the best destinations and resorts available on their program.


Unfortunately, however, Odenza doesn't usually have resort options in Hawaii. If you're 100% set on Hawaii, it can still be booked now with the Hotel Savings Card. How much you save will depend on your length of stay and the exact hotel you choose, but most of our customers have saved somewhere in the $250-300 range. And any unused balance stays on the Hotel Savings Card and never expires.


Please note that available resorts can change daily, but here's a sampling of some resorts that have appeared in Odenza's inventory. The more flexible you are with your travel dates, the more resort options you'll find.

How Do I Get an Odenza Voucher?

First, you'll need the voucher code that was emailed to you. Search your email for "Orb.co Your Travel Voucher" and it should be one fo the first results. The email will contain a code like this:

If for any reason you can't find your code, email us at hello@orb.co and we'll look it up for you.


Once you have your voucher code, click the orange button at the bottom of this page, enter your code in the discount code box (which will make your Odenza Voucher free), and checkout. The Odenza Voucher will be emailed to you right away.


Finally, a Small Favor to Ask...

As you can imagine, between the cost of producing canvases, the cost of advertising, and the cost of providing these travel vouchers, we operate on extremely thin profit margins. But we're committed to accomplishing our mission of connecting humans with nature, so we're thrilled to offer an incredible deal that makes it possible for so many to experience a vacation that may not have been possible otherwise.


As you know, we do incur an additional cost on these 7-night vouchers, and you absolutely can swap out your voucher for an Odenza voucher at zero cost to you. However, may we ask you to consider a small donation to help offset the additional cost of these vouchers? Even a small donation of just $10 or $20 goes a long way to help us continue making this offer available to others. You can do so by selecting the appropriate option below. Again, it's absolutely not required, but it is incredibly appreciated. Thank you!😊


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