3rd-party Voucher Options (Must be age 25+ and married or cohabitating)

In general, we no longer recommend the 3rd-party voucher provider we used before, Redeem Vacations. However, they recently launched some really fantastic resorts across popular Mexican destinations, with super-low taxes & fees, and loads of available dates. Please note, however, that these new resorts are ONLY accepting guests who are age 25+ and are married or cohabitating. Because these resorts are such an excellent deal, we've decided to give you the option of swapping out for one of their vouchers. Before you do, please take a moment to review the pros and cons of their program to decide if this is a good fit for you.


  • Although Redeem Vacations won't let us tell you the exact names of the resorts they're currently offering, we can assure you that they are really nice. They're 4.5-star resorts right on the beach. Redeem Vacations offered these resorts several years back, and we had loads of customers stay at them who absolutely loved them.
  • The taxes & fees for these resorts are under $30/night, which is an incredible deal. You'd normally pay around $285/night to stay at these resorts.
  • We've been told they have loads of available dates. But please note that we can't see their dates and cannot guarantee that specific dates will be available.
  • Just like our program, there are never any timeshare presentations required.


  • Unlike our program, they will make you pay the non-refundable resort taxes & fees in order to "activate" your voucher within 7 days of receiving the voucher. And you won't be able to see the exact resorts or available dates until after you pay the taxes & fees.
  • Once you activate the voucher, they give you 18 months to take your trip. If you don't take the trip within that time, you lose your voucher and the taxes & fees you paid them. If this were to happen to you, please reach out to us. We'll gladly replace the lost voucher with one of our non-expiring vouchers. But note that we can't do anything about the lost taxes & fees.
  • Redeem Vacations does not allow group travel.
  • They only allow one voucher activation per household per 12-month period.
  • They don't allow you to repeat a destination.
  • To be offered these new resorts, you must be age 25+ and married or cohabitating. If you're not, they'll still let you activate your voucher, but you'll instead be offered hotels that aren't on the beach that can be booked for around $65/night elsewhere. We strongly encourage you to NOT swap out for one of their vouchers unless you're age 25+ and married or cohabitating.
  • Redeem Vacations is not known for great customer service. In fact, if you Google them, you'll find loads of customer complaints. If you run into an issue, we'll do our best to assist you in getting it resolved. Often, we've been able to help customers get issues resolved satisfactorily, but please keep in mind that we can't guarantee anything since ultimately, it's up to Redeem Vacations and not us.

And a few other important notes:

  • Redeem Vacations doesn't guarantee that these resorts will be offered indefinitely. For example, if you activate a voucher with them and then wait 6 months to book, it's possible that the awesome resorts will be gone and be replaced with sub-par options. So don't swap out your voucher unless you're wanting to book something right away.
  • Possible resort fees.
  • Their resorts may change, so we don't recommend requesting a voucher unless you plan to book right away.
  • We don't know yet if you can bring kids
  • These resorts don't have an all-inclusive option, but they do have multiple onsite restaurants, and eating 3 meals a day at the restaurants typically costs less than you'd pay for all-inclusive anyway.

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