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Although Redeem Vacations can't show exact resorts or available dates until you've activated your voucher, we do our best to keep this page updated with current, helpful suggestions based on what we hear back from our customers. Find something missing or inaccurate? Please let us know!

Destination Tips & Suggestions:

Please make sure you're certain about your destination before requesting that we issue your voucher. We're only able to make destination changes if you haven't yet activated your voucher by paying the taxes. Once the voucher is activated, we no longer have the ability to change the destination. (Redeem Vacations has recently been allowing destination swaps to either Cancún or Puerto Vallarta, but you'd need to contact them directly to request that).

We really want to make sure you have an amazing experience with your vacation, so please take a moment to look through these tip before selecting your destination:

  • If you're looking for a "Resort" experience—think lounging on the beach or by a pool—then go with Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, or Fiji.
  • Cancún and Puerto Vallarta are currently only offering a single "Featured Resort" on most dates, so you won't get to choose from a list, but they are REALLY nice resorts—easily the best you'll find in any of the available destinations.
  • Hawaii has been in high demand. Our customers are mostly seeing options on Oahu, but occasionally on other islands. You won't find availability from June through mid-September, so please only pick Hawaii if you're flexible to travel in other months.
  • All other destinations have availability throughout the year, but keep in mind there will be some dates without availability, particularly over major holidays.
  • If you're looking to experience a citylike Rome, Venice, Athens or Paristhen you can't go wrong with these. You'll likely find hotel options ranging from boutique to modern.
  • Looking to save? Consider any of the U.S. destinations for a quick road trip.

Destination Nightly Taxes:

Here's the full list of destinations, along with the nightly taxes for each:

5 Nights

  • Hawaii ($63.47/night)
  • Cancún ($19.50/night)
  • Puerto Vallarta ($19.50/night)

4 Nights

  • Paris ($34.14/night)
  • Athens ($33.11/night)
  • Venice ($28.39/night)
  • Rome ($31.25/night)
  • Rio ($33.11/night)
  • Fiji ($28.12/night)

3 Nights

  • Las Vegas ($28.12/night)
  • San Diego ($34.14/night)
  • Phoenix ($28.12/night)
  • Gatlinburg ($37.25/night)
  • New Orleans ($33.45/night)
  • Myrtle Beach ($33.27/night)
  • Orlando ($33.12/night)
  • Miami ($33.45/night)

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